Pemenang Quiz Kaos Gratis! | Toko Kreskres

11 Mar

Pemenang Quiz Kaos Gratis! | Toko Kreskres.

Toko Kreskres

26 Feb

Kunjungi yah Online Shop saya di tokokreskres . Hehehe..

Menjual Baju/Kaos Karakter anak berbagai motif serta baju anak branded yang murah meriah. 🙂

Curtain Rails

20 Dec

Last Sunday, I and my husband put up the curtain rails at the house. The house is actually ready to be occupied because the development process is done. But the administration is really bothering. Wish we could get the key to our house this Saturday 🙂

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Progress of Our House

15 Dec

We’ve encouraged ourselves to have our own house since February 2011. So we decided to get a tiny little house located in Tanah Baru, Depok, Jawa Barat, type 45/80.4 😀 We paid a certain amount of Booking Fee and a few percents of  Down Payment on February 2011. We paid off the full Down Payment on October 2011. It took a long struggle to complete the administrative process that must be endured. Sale and purchase agreement between us, developer, and the bank has not been done until now because the paperwork administration of the house has not been fully processed by local BPN (Badan Pertanahan Nasional). And this was the progress of our house on 12 December 2011. We haven’t checked the latest progress yet. 🙂 Continue reading

Berbagi Badan :D

20 Aug

Aku mens terakhir kali pada tanggal 28 Mei 2011. Tanggal 28 Juni berikutnya, aku masih belum mens. Saking penasarannya aku bergegas membeli test pack dan mengecek. Hasilnya negatif. Hahay.. Tujuh hari berikutnya (6 Juli) aku masih belum mens juga. Sudah geer aja aku hamil. Aku bergegas membeli dua test pack dan melakukan uji kehamilan bersama suami. Alhamdulillaah, dua-duanya positif 😀

Hasil test pack pertama

Hasil test pack pertama

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